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Solar Power Explained

So what is Solar PV? 

PV is short for photovoltaics and it's the process by which solar panels collect sunlight and turns it into electricity.

What do I need?

You first need some panels. Solar Panels are sunlight collectors which at present are predominately made of silicon, presently in abundance on our planet. 

The Workers

Collectors connect together and combine to produce a usable amount of electricity. The collectors produce direct current (DC) whcih is connected to an Inverter by cables. Collectors are workers in the system.

The Brain

The inverter converts the DC current to AC current. AC current is alternating current. This current is used by electricity suppliers to provide electrical power in electrical systems. Inverters are the brain of the system.

Inverter Maintenance

You need to have a DC switch so that you can isolate the collectors from the system. You need to have an AC switch so that you can isolate the inverter from the system.  By switching off isolators on both sides of the inverter you can remove it safely for maintenance or repair.

Power to the People

The AC current from the inverter passes through an electrical distribution board which has circuit breakers to protect the cables feeding into the consumers premises. 

The Meter

Power from the distribution board is metered at the point it enters the consumers electrical system and after passing through a further AC switch it feeds power to the consumers electrical system. Residual power is fed back (exported) to the electricity supplier, who pays you for this excess energy. The amount you contribute is recorded on the PV system meter.

Global Warming

Solar power is very much a green energy source. It reduces carbon pollution released into the atmosphere and assists in reducing global warming. 


The Government offer a financial incentive through their 'Feed in Tarriff' (FiT) if you provide electricity back into the national grid.

How can we Help?

Newport Design Matrix can offer advice on PV Systems and their associated installations.

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